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The mexico boat ride rocks. The ride was wonderful for a short wheelchair to get right on the boat and it is fantastic it a bit get away from our country and reality for a couple of minutes. NEWS
In the summer of 2008 the Mexico pavilion, a 50- to 60-seat tequila bar, including a history of the beverage, replaces a retail shop adjacent to the restaurant.
Recently the boat ride in the Mexico pavilion has been updated and re-branded with the Three Caballeros. I have to say this was one of the best re-brandings I have seen Disney do in recent years. While the budget may not have been that of a new ride, they made every peso count. This is now one of my kids favorite things to do at Epcot right before Illuminations. They enjoy seeing Jose and Panchito search thru Mexico for Donald Duck. I think one of the nicest things is that while updating this ride and making it more relevant to today's audience, they did not sacrifice the spirit of the ride. For the most part they went thru and replaced almost all of the video similarly themed but with the characters qued in at specific spots. The Three Caballeros music also sets an up beat mood to the ride. Inside the Pavilion You can enjoy a lovely dinner at San Angel Inn which is next to the river inside the building, as well as several shops where you can get wonderful Mexican blankets, crystal, and more.

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