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Animal Kingdom Lodge
Beach Club Resort
BoardWalk Inn
Contemporary Resort
Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Polynesian Resort
Shades of Green (US Military)
Wilderness Lodge
Yacht Club Resort
If you use a wheelchair and want to know what to expect I have a web site that been buit for you to view their rooms so far for Disney World I have three major hotels. These Hotels is on the monorail line. Where hotels have their own monorail station. Please check out this link.

Sorry for one of the hotel the Contemporary Resort which isn't complete since it was book when I was reviewing it and the pictures they gave me wasn't very clear so I couldn't scan them in correctly. But I do have the lobby. Also, if you happen to fly to MCO (Orlando International) and you are going to stay on Disney, they have Magical Express. This gives you transportation to and from the airport. Disney looks after your bags and from the time you start your flight you wont see them untill you get to your room, same on the way back there waiting for you at your airport. This amazing feature is free of charge and you just book it with your trip. If Disney loeses your things they give you money for you to buy new close so they can go look for yuor bags. Also the bus drivers for Magical Express, do apperciate tips because disney doesn't tip them, unlike the people who bring the bags to your room who are tiped by dISNEY. I give Magical Express 10/10 and highly seggest you use it!

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