Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Weekend!
Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Weekend!
Trip Report on 9/30/2007 by TheBigCheese
We had a great three day trip starting out in Downtown Disney for lunch and then moving on to Pop Century to check in. This was actually my first time staying at POP and in keeping with All-Stars value resort tradition this is a great entry level resort. No comparison to a Deluxe, but for the price of staying off property at a normal hotel we got a bit of themeing, wdw bus transportation, a great food court, excellent pool side bar, and a general great value. Yeah, the rooms had nothing really special about them on the inside, but they were clean and served their purpose.

After un-packing we moved on to Mickey''s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Which was the primary reason for our visit this time and though it was a big hot out and it did rain for a few minutes. In general it was a very nice time and the kids had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the video that I shot of the Boo to You Parade and Spooky Wishes got corrupted and do not work. Yeah, I was not real happy either... The kids, umm and most of the adults, had a great time running around collecting candy from the several different stations. This was also our first time on the recently renovated Haunted Mansion. Boy I have to say this is one of the best renovations I have seen in a long time. The sound and lighting effects when you first walk into the parlor really set the mood that this is an updated HM. I do not think they could have done this one any better, kept it perfectly in theme with what was always there, but kicked up several notches. (Not a tiki bird or pirates type of update) You can see things that were added from the popular video game to the hallway scene, and the goofy spiders were finally replaced and boy where they.

Day 2 we did MGM for about an hour then ate at Whispering Canyon and then over to Epcot, where we saw the updated Canada film for a second time. Then roamed around the Food and Wine Festival, and I was really impressed this year. I think they have drastically increased the number of venues. Everything smelled and looked so good, and we probably could have spent a week and not tasted half of the available menu items. Reasonably priced as well, salads at Greece for $2.5 and soup at Canada for $3 etc...

Day 3 we spent at MGM again trying to hit a lot of the things we missed the day before. Then off to the Magic Kingdom for one last trip thru the new Haunted Mansion and a few other quick rides. Unfortunately there was another Not So Scary Halloween Party this night, which we were not going to. Boo to me and me and me....

Over all a great three day trip!


Check in time at the Pop Century...

Arcade full of games

A nice touch by the cleaning staff...

Our room, at least before our junk.

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