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this is more u give me info please does the lynx bus servese stop @ the all star sports resort Unfortunately, you can not get it directly from the all-star resorts. (To the best of my knowledge) you need to go to one of the theme parks or Swan/Dolphin.

I would suggest visiting http://trip1.golynx.com/

Have a great trip, and let us know how your bus ride went?

Another option would be to take a local taxi, which I know you can get right in the front of the resort.
While the bus system may not be as glamorous as the monorail, train or boats of Walt Disney World, it may be one of the most efficient and a testament to what public transportation should be. From the front of your resort you may catch a bus for whichever park you may be visiting, Downtown Disney, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon... While Disney has a complicated scheduling system, for the most part you will never wait more than 15 minutes. 
When you are leaving the parks you can then find a bus that will take you back to your resort hotel. While parking is free when you are a resort guest, this can still be a lot quicker and easier than driving, as the busses will drop you off directly at the front. When you come back you do not have to deal with a car that has been sitting in the sun all day or the trip out to the parking lot.

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last updated: 7/28/2007