It's Tough to be a Bug
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This is a great 3D move with Flick, Hopper, and tons of bugs from the Pixar movie A Bugs Life. The setting in what appears to be an ant colony underground along with a few scary scenes may make this show a bit uneasy for smaller children. What we have found with freinds and family is that if you reiterate before, during and after that it is just a show and hold on to them they are normally just fine and enjoy the show. Kids just need to be reassured that they are safe when things look realistic and scary. Once you are past that this is a great cool 3D show located directly under the Tree of Life, the big icon of Animal Kingdom. As with many rides in Animal Kingdom you take your stroller with you thru the line half way, where it is then parked right where you will come out, so it keeps the main walkways clear, but also makes it easy for you to find your cart and the wait in line a bit easier. This show uses fastpass, but is normally not needed it will filter thru large amounts of people so check the stand by wait times and save the fast pass for another ride. For the best viewing keep your head leavel. The 3D glasses at Walt Disney World all work on a polorized lens, so one eye will let light on a horizontal plain and the other on vertical. In english this means if you tilt your head you will not be seeing the 3D effects correctly so things may look blurry.

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last updated: 8/3/2007