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Toy stoy mania is fun. Toy story mania is fun Guests get sporty in a new, interactive "Toy Story" competition inspired by Disney-Pixar's "Toy Story" films and hosted by characters like they've never before experienced. Past a queuing area featuring a giant Mr. Potato Head, guests grab 3-D glasses, board fanciful ride vehicles and zip into a world of exciting midway-style games hosted by many of their favorite "Toy Story" characters including Woody, Hamm and Rex. Once inside "Andy's Toy Box," the competition heats up. Who can rack up the most points? Using spring-action shooters, guests launch darts at balloons, rings at aliens, eggs at whimsical barnyard targets. Toy Story Mania! takes the interactive ride-game experience to infinity -- and beyond.
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last updated: 7/30/2007