One Man's Dream
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It will talk about Walt himself. I believe we would of had some what of a future city if he still lived not what you know know or will know. It is easy to maneuver around with a wheelchair lots to see it one area so take your time to learn who and what this genius did. If you are interested in the History of Walt Disney or his accomplishments this is the place for you. You start out in a museum style waiting area where you can see several pieces of Disney history in a chronological fashion starting with the beginning of the studios to the development of Disneyland. See the workings of animatronics and interact with an actual animatronic model. Stand next to the big map of EPCOT, that is the Epcot Walt had envisioned, and what parts of it would later turn into Walt Disney World. I normally get a knot in my throat and a sad sense of loss for the man that touched so much of my life with his dreams while in the One Mans Dream attraction. Then you move into a theater where you hear Walt's Biography with Leonard Maltin and a lot of audio clips of Walt himself. This is a very inspiring story that should continue to be told to each generation. A humble man overcame many obstacles and was able to live and share his dreams with the world. Walt made the world a better place and for that he will be missed.

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last updated: 8/30/2007