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Muppet vision 3D is funny Without a doubt the funniest 3D show at any of the parks. If you are a Muppets fan like me or not you will love the slapstick quick humor that moves quick from the moment you enter the door for the pre-show till you exit the theater. With Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzy, Mrs. Piggy and the rest of the gang. I think my favorites have to be Statler and Waldorf, the two old Muppets sit in the balcony making comments throughout the movie. The entire theater will come to life as there will be 3D audio-animatronic, wind, bubbles, and actual characters all around the theater. For the best viewing keep your head leavel. The 3D glasses at Walt Disney World all work on a polorized lens, so one eye will let light on a horizontal plain and the other on vertical. In english this means if you tilt your head you will not be seeing the 3D effects correctly so things may look blurry.

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last updated: 7/30/2007