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Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course
Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course
If you are looking for some fun outside of the Disney Theme Parks, perhaps something to do on a relax day, then check out the put put courses. There are two distinct courses at Disney World. The Winter Summerland and the Fantasia Gardens. The Fantasia Gardens is geared more towards actual golfers to play with the rest of the family, while still miniature golf with a whimsical course, the skill set is a bit tougher. You will be challenged on this course, yet your kids can still have fun. Winter Summerland is a bit easier to play and has a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. Themed off of it's neighbor Blizzard Beach, these two courses are where Santa Clause plays depending on the season. This is a lot of fun all year round with the music, layout, and just fun to play. Either way, they are both a lot of fun and something a bit more relaxed than the parks.

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last updated: 8/28/2007