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Similar to a McDonalds Express, not the exact same menu you would find in most McDonalds, but an affordable stop for the kids.
Most of the times when we are doing Quick Service Food in Epcot we will head over to the McDonalds for the kids. It really can cut down on the expense as you can buy a bunch of nuggets a bit cheaper than meals at most Quick Service spots. It can also be easier as most kids eat McDonalds, but may be a bit picky with QS. Don't ask me why, but I have seen it several times with my family and friends. Kids may still get chicken strips, but since it is not that pressed shape from the golden arches they complain. While luckily my kids are now over this it may or may not be an issue so it is nice that you have a McDonalds as an option. That said, there is a bit of extra pain in this as I personally only eat McDonalds on the road and would much rather prefer eating in the Land or just about anywhere else in Epcot for that matter. So typically my family sits somewhere ordering food for the adults while I run nuggets back to where ever they may be. Looking like an idiot carrying a tray of McDonalds. So if you see me know that the nuggets are not for me and smile.

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last updated: 7/28/2007