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Take advantage of the latest innovation in Disney's legendary commitment to service and convenience: Disney's Magical Express! This exclusive complimentary shuttle and luggage delivery service conveniently takes you from the airport directly to your Walt Disney World® Resort hotel. It's the hassle-free benefit that allows you to arrive at your meeting or event relaxed and stress-free.

Here's how Disney's Magical Express service works:



  • If you are part of a meeting, convention, or other group event and you have a confirmed room reservation, call 407-827-6777 to book your Disney's Magical Express reservation or use the group reservation DME request form. (To use this service, all guests must have a Magical Express reservation prior to arrival.)



  • If you are making an individual vacation or leisure reservation, please call 407-W-DISNEY for more information.



  • If you are part of a rooming or housing list, please contact your event planner to book your Disney's Magical Express reservation.



  • To ensure seamless service, please make your Disney's Magical Express reservation at least 30 days in advance of your arrival date.



  • Several weeks prior to your arrival, you will receive an Airport Transportation Booklet containing general information and special barcoded luggage tags which you will attach to your luggage before departure.
  • Upon arrival at Orlando International Airport, you will be greeted by a Disney representative who will direct you to the Disney Airport Welcome Center in Terminal B.



  • You will then depart for your Walt Disney World® Resort hotel in a complimentary motor coach while your luggage goes straight from the plane to your room.
  • Check-in to your Walt Disney World® Resort hotel, and your luggage will be delivered to your room.
  • At the end of your stay, enjoy the same convenience of Disney's Magical Express service from your Walt Disney World® Resort hotel to Orlando International Airport.
* If you are flying; American Airlines, Delta Airlines, North West Airlines, Jet Blue Airlines, Continental Airlines, South West Airlines. (There may be more just can't remember them)Only if your flying domestically, Disney has yet another time saver that is some what part of The Magical Express! It's called Disney's Curb Side Check in, Basicaly you chexk into your airline and give disney your bags (other then carry ons) and you wont have to worry about them untill you get back to your final airport!

** Hint Hint, the bus drivers and the people that work at the curbside check in do apperciate tips because they are not tiped by Disney, when on the other hand the person who brings the bags to your room is paid and tiped by Disney**

*** If Disney does happen to lose your things along the way, they will more then likly be giving you a gift card so you can go and purchase some new close to hold you off untill your things get there.

**** Magical Express busses leave when the driver thinks they should (yes this sounds odd but is true). Because it really depends on how many flights come in with Disney guests on it, during the day the busses are always coming and going, but at night they dont leave as often. For example my flight was delayed and i was suposed to get in to Disney at 12:15 pm, and didn't get there untill 10:00pm that night. The bus that i was on only had 6 people on it! 4 of which being in my family (4 including me)

***** When you get on to the bus most of the time there will be some of that o' so relaxing Disney music :P and then once you hit the road your looking at about a 20 - 30 minute drive to the resorts. Also there will be a video playing talking about when to do when you get there and tells you about alot of interesting things. This is unless you have one of those bus drivers that just casually have a disney movie on haha. (Hasn't happened to me but it was nemo on the bus beside me).

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last updated: 8/18/2008