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Illuminations is a night time show. They do have special place for people who uses scooter and wheelchair just for them right on the edge of the lagoon. The best spot I think is over between the EPCOT shop by the lagoon in the future world and the Canada Pavilion.
I have a video of the full show.

Part 1:

Part 2:
One of Disney's best firework shows if not the best. You will probably enjoy the music and perfectly timed fireworks, lasers, globe, and even fountains that you will want to pickup a copy of the cd in a gift store on the way out of the park. The show will begin with the torches that are located around the World Showcase lagoon being blown out in que with a whoof on the speakers. Then a beating of a drum slowly entensifys with the final beat timed with the explosion of a group of fireworks. The fireworks during this show, as with much of Disney fireworks, have a computer chip on them to explode at just the right time for the music. Eventually you will see a globe of the world float out from the American pavillion to the center of the lagoon. As the globe spins you will notice that the land masses on the globe actualy form a large led tv screen, with video clips from around the world. Illuminations is actualy split up into two distinct parts, an instrumental music sequence lasting 6 minutes and a vocal portion lasting around 3 minutes. I am sure that it was done intentionally to have that got ya affect, but the beginning of the vocal music after the large firework explosion at the end of the instrumental gives the appearance to first time visitors that it was the grand finnaly. Most people turn and realize hey we're not done yet. At which point the globe begins to open like a sliced up world map to reveal a torch of fire rising up. At the pinical of the song fireworks begin to shoot out of the torch and the extremely large mortar fireworks explode over head. Ending with my favorite part as the entire lagoon is lit up by hundreds of low fireworks over the lagoon going every direction, it almost gets as bright as daylight, then a big crackle and the show is over. While you can see this show from anywhere, there are a few places that are better than others. If you would like to see the lasers the best place for this is at the beginning of the World Showcase directly across from the American pavilion. This can get a bit crowded as this is a very popular spot. Otherwise, I would try to pick a spot based on the wind that day if there is any. You would prefer to be up wind of the fireworks as some nights when the wind is just right there can be a small fog from the fireworks that can hinder your viewing. Atop the bridge from United Kingdom to France is a good spot, as well as a sitting areas all along the lagoon. You may decide to stop off for a snack at Mexico and sit at the outdoor seating area, or if you make reservations at the Crown and Pub in UK Pavlion you can actually have one of the best seats (They also shoot off the first firework starting the show from this location). By far the best seats in the house have to be the two islands and the private party area next to the Crown and Pub. However, these are almost always blocked off for Wedding Parties and large groups. You can rent a firework show cruise, but I would not recommend it for Illuminations. If you are going to do this do it for Wishes at the Magic Kingdom. While I have never done this, I have seen them several times and they always park right under the bridge between France and the UK, which limits your view. The cruise part and experience may be nice, but I would just choose the Magic Kingdom venu.

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