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First of all I am a person that uses a wheelchair for my daily life and use a power chair. So The thing you can do at Disney World is very easy. Especially when you stay at one of the Disney hotel on the monorail lines. I could get from my Hotel the Shades of Green (military and Government personal only) to Disney MGM Studios with out a problem and I didn't even take a bus or our rental van.

The Shades of Green is right across the street from the Polynesian Hotel, so I was able to cross the street to the hotel then up the second floor lobby to get to the monorail. There I tell Cast member That I'm getting off at the transportation center (this will go all the way around the MK lake) the plus they will put a ramp down, Once at this place I get on the monorail that goes to EPCOT. After getting off at EPCOT I went through to the World Show Case. Go to the right toward Canada Pavilion then pass the United Kingdom Pavilion and Just before a bridge to the France Pavilion you go down to the right to the boat that will take you to MGM. Make sure at the boat dock tou let them know you can't get out of your chair and have them put a ramp down (the water level won't be the same alway, I took the risk at the end of my trip not cool)There on the boat they make three other stops before you get to MGM.

But it is a nice ride and don't let you self be in a hurry (go use the restroom before go to the dock, I thought I was just going straight there and boy I had to once the boat dock at MGM) I really enjoy taking the time to see everything and I try not be in a big hurry.

Please contact me for any additional Information about Disney Word Resort or Disneyland resort, I will be testing out a train (Amtrak) system for disable to Disneyland from San Diego. So say tune. E-mail chcasd@sbcglobal.net if there any questions I need to first stipulate that I am not handicap, but there have been a few times that my family has needed wheelchair access to the parks. Broken legs, pregnancies, etc..

Almost every ride will accommodate wheelchair access in some fashion. Some rides, for example It's a Small World, you simply wait for a specialized boat that you may wheel onto. A lot of other rides will require you to switch out of your wheel chair seat to ride. You may look for special notes on the site about each ride as well as your guide book when you arrive. A large number of rides will have a special entrance for your party. For example, the Haunted Mansion actually has a separate room and experience that you walk thru a hall to board the ride. Often these are located to the side or near the exits of the rides, so look for a wheelchair sign.

All of Walt Disney Worlds transportation has been designed to easily accommodate. Monorails have ramps to allow you to quickly roll into the center car. All of the Disney world busses will lower and have a ramp that will pull out on the back. The only transportation I would steer clear of would be the boat and trams. The trams will not accommodate wheelchairs, but spacial parking is provided that makes this a mute point. While the boats can accommodate wheelchairs, there may be a six inch ledge that make this difficult excluding the ferry boat which is very accommodating.

You may also request a handicap room at all of the resorts.
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