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Disney's FASTPASS is a great way to cut your wait in line in half. Maps of the theme parks indicate whether the attraction you are interested in offers FASTPASS. Once you get to your selected destination, guests place their admission ticket into the FASTPASS Distribution, there they will receive a FASTPASS ticket. The ticket will indicate what times you can ride on the specific ride you've selected. There is a limited amount of Fastpasses that will be distributed throughout the day, so if you are wanting to make the most out of your time in the park you will need to get an early start.
I recommend making a fast pass plan for when you get in the park. Which rides you would like to race over to and grab fastpass tickets to ride later. Keep in mind there is a set window where you will not be able to get another fastpass until a set period of time expires. Normally about an hour or so, but this changes depending on the number of fastpasses distributed that day.

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last updated: 8/3/2007