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Fantasmic! is a nighttime spectacular using lasers, images projected in a misty fog, lighting effects, and fireworks. Starring in this unique presentation, Mickey Mouse takes on the role as the Sorcerer's Apprentice from the movie Fantasia. Mickey uses his imagination to battle villains
Fantasmic rocks baby.

One of the best firework shows and in a really cool setting. Unlike most firework shows, here you are in a stadium setting which means this is really more of a broadway / character greeting / water effects / firework show. The stadium makes the wait fun and more like a sporting event. Music playing, vendors going up and down the isles with food and toys, and just a generally positive crowd experience. Sometimes you may even see a wave or two while waiting for the show to start. Fantasmic also has one of the best beginnings and endings with the star of Disney, Mickey Mouse. The way he enters and exits is always a show stopper, and still makes my hair stand after years of seeing it. I would recommend that you get a feel for the line and be in the general area and hour or more before Fantasmic starts. When the park is very busy they may have two showings, but even then on busy nights you may have to stand in an hour long line to get a seat.  So if you are in the general area take a look up the walk and or ask a cast member at the enter ace how it looks for that night. You can also get preferred seating with select restaurant packages. Personally, while the restaurant side of this is great, the only positive thing Fantasmic wise is the guaranteed seating. Otherwise they seat you on the far right hand side of the theater. While you still can see everything just fine, there is nothing preferred or different about the seating, simply a guaranteed spot after your meal.
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