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Also this was not said yet but Bill Ney The Science guy does a little talking part before the show :) hes the coolest. Tell the Trex I said to the moon with you This ride is very similar to a simulator in it's jerky movements. The difference is that you are not in a fixed location behind a screen, but moving around thru a dark maze. It is kind of like Snow White in the dark jump out effects, but in a much more intense way. You ride around it what looks and feels like an suv without a top as you travel back in time to capture a dinosaur. Unfortunately, you are sent to the wrong time period right before an asteroid shower and have to race to find your dino and return home before immanent destruction. This is going to be a hit or miss for most people. My kids and I love this ride, yet my wife and most of the adults in my extended family can not stand it or just tolerate it. This also may not be suited for young children, it can be scary at times and has a lot of sudden noises in dark areas. Personally, I have a lot of fun on this ride and find the theme and different style a refreshing change. Something different, new, and fun!

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