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Wide World of Sports Deck
Enjoy a really wide world of sports when you're on the top deck of a Disney Cruise Line® ship. Practice your three-pointers, foul shots or lay-ups on the basketball court. And if you're participating in a Disney kid or teen activity, enjoy the friendly competition available in this wonderful wide world.

Quarter Masters
Meet your match with both arcade favorites and the latest in video-game entertainment. Play for points, improve your times and skills, immerse yourself in interactive activities in both state-of-the-art and classic games. All ages and ability levels rise to the challenges at Quarter Masters!

Ping Pong
Enjoy a sport that's perfect for all ages. Whether you're lightening fast, ready for close-to-the-table smashes with incredible topspin, or just learning which end of the paddle to hold, ping pong on a Disney Cruise is pure fun.

Slide into the fun of our courts, waxed to perfection. Whether you play traditional one-on-one "knock off," the teamplay "Horse Collar" or the adventurous "Crazy Eight," shuffleboard on a Disney Cruise is always worth a spin.

Discover an invigorating workout on an awe-inspiring 1/3-mile lap around Deck 4. Most of the time you're running the length of the ship, traveling on the port and starboard decks with nothing but stunning views over the open sea.

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last updated: 8/4/2007