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Cinderella's Royal Table is a real treat for any special Princess or even Queen in your life. For the frequent visitor, or those not interested in castles or anything princess, I would not recommend this dining experience.
I would recommend this if you
1. Have a preschooler who dreams of dining in a real castle
2. Want a nice sit down dinner that is relatively quiet (there will likely be children, but acoustically very well insulated)
3. Are interested in a truly unique dining experience and are willing to splurge.
Your fantasy begins as you wait in the main lobby decked in true renaissance period including Cinderella's, or her majesty's, royal throne. This is where Cinderella awaits all her guests for a photo op and short chat. If Cinderella is busy feeding her mice at the time of your arrival, you may visit with her upon leaving the castle. Once your royal party is called, (by name and royal chime) you will proceed up the spiral staircase to the dining area. Seating is limited and so is space. Your view will depend on the area you are placed in the restaurant. The windows in the restaurant are all located on the back wall of the castle with a view of Fantasyland. If you are fortunate enough to be seated in front of these windows you can see most of Fantasyland. The dining room is darker than most restaurants, but you are in a castle. There is plenty of lighting; the castle just sets the mood. I have dined during the firework show and they did turn on the music that played throughout the park. It was truly a magical thing to be dining, seated comfortably, and watching the fireworks. Especially since most of the fireworks are shot off directly behind the castle.
As a child and an adult, Cinderella's castle has always been a favorite restaurant of mine. I would recommend if you are planning on going to Disney, this is a great experience, especially if traveling to Orlando is a rare occasion or you have little ones. Even husbands enjoy looking at the architecture and decor of knight armor. I have not been since 2005, sometime after then they have changed their menu to be a fixed priced menu. So again, the castle will be a rare treat for my family since we all have experienced this at least a couple of times. Happy Eating!

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last updated: 7/25/2007