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A Dumbo style ride, and probably the best designed version that I have seen. The line for this ride is under a canopy with several fans to keep you cool on hot days. The ride also has several dino's and thus a large capacity, so you end up not having to wait in a long line. My kids to this day love this style of ride and this is my favorite place to let them at it. Since I can not stand waiting in line a Dumbo, here you don't have to wait long. My only complaint is that often the music for this ride is a bit loud as you move your flying dino to the highest point. This is because you end up flying right past the speakers. Nothing really that bad, but if you are stuck riding for 30 minutes while older members of the group are on primeval whirl you may end up with a finger in an ear.
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last updated: 8/30/2007