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Le Cellier Steakhouse
As a wheelchair user I don't remember having access to the waterfall. I just remember a pretty path to the waiting area.

A beautiful pavilion that lets guest get a taste of the vast landscapes and people of Canada.

Unfortunately, most people do not realize or take the time to walk up the steps or along the path to realize how far back this area actually is.  It is really worth your time to see the enormous water fall several stories high where you can walk down into this canyon of sorts to see it immersed in the staging. This is a great spot for a family photo before you enter the waiting area to see the 360 film.

360 movie, the music and landscapes are well worth your time. For those guest that truly have time to take the parks a bit slower and enjoy them, these waiting areas are often a great time to get to know cast members. Ask questions about the country you are in, the cast members in all of the Epcot world showcase pavilions are from their respective countries. It is a great way to learn a bit about their differences and similarities from a native Canadian. You may also enjoy shopping at some of the shops at the top of the hill in this pavilion.

Review on the NEW 360 Film "Oh Canada" has recently been updated and is now hosted by Martin Short.  Famous from Saturday night Live, and Disney films such as Santa Clause 3, Treasure Planet and Father of the Bride to name a few.  This update I feel was very well done with splashes of humor they disprove the preconceived opinion that Canada is just a big hunk of ice to the north.  While there are plenty of wonderful winter landscapes with polar bears, skiing, and snowboarding.  The movie also shows the warmer side of Canada that most of us are unaware of.  There are still many clips that were saved and intergraded from the original version from the 80s but none of these clips seem dated.  In fact I would say that for the most part this video should age for the next decade or two very well.  Most of the famous Canadians displayed are well known to us that they probably will remain this way for a few decades.  William Shatner, Alex Trebec, Martin Short etc.  I would recommend stopping off at Canada and watching the 360 movie as it is overall well done.

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