Aloft (ages 13 to 17)
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Discover the ultimate hangout on the Disney Wonder: a teen-only (ages 13-17) world where you can relax by yourself or with friends, escape with music or a movie, sing and dance, or talk and play. With big-screen plasma TVs, video games, a lounge area, Internet cafe and more, here's a place where the counselors are cool and you can just be yourself.
Activities for Teens
Break the ice in a laid-back atmosphere. Get to know each other in this game where you learn about your fellow passengers.
Learn to draw your favorite Disney characters during this animation lesson that also teaches some basic drawing techniques.
Apprentice Ship
Compete in daily challenges such as organizing a teen party, or creating a teen program marketing video, and earn points toward winning the ApprenticeShip.
Arcade Night
Enjoy exclusive unlimited game time in the ship's arcade.
Bring It!
Prove your expertise in a variety of categories, including: music, movies, sports and our ships and do what it takes to bring it!
Brain Challenge
Join in a competition of wits that includes sculpting, charades, drawing and trivia before facing the final challenge: a scavenger hunt throughout the ship!
Crowning of the Couch Potato
Put your movie knowledge to the ultimate test in this outrageous trivia contest.
Dead Man's Challenge
Dare to enter the cursed room and join in a tournament-style game of chance. Be the one to escape the curse of the vengeful Pirate Ghost!
Digi Hunt
Solve a clue and snap a picture as you race around the ship with digital cameras and a stack of Disney trivia questions.
Gender Wars
Exercise your brain power. It's Girls vs. Boys to see who will dominate in the ultimate battle of the minds.
Glow Jam
Receive your very own glow bracelet and join us for a glow in the dark good time with games, fun, and dancing.
Stay one step ahead of the competition with strategy, deception and intrigue during this day-to-day game of elimination.
H20 Splashdown
Dive in to this exclusive teen pool party! Take part in poolside games, rock out to jammin' music and earn tribal points that are up for grabs.
Hold The Phone
Race from location to location solving clue after clue. Be the first team to finish this amazing shipboard race.
Find your inner-rock star when you take the stage, grab a microphone and sing along with your favorite tunes.
Mix & Match
Discover how well you know your new onboard friends in this activity that's designed to help you get to know your shipmates a whole lot better.
Party in Paradise
Celebrate the end of a magical cruise with a farewell bash tha'ts the perfect chance to enjoy one last night with all the new friends you made during the cruise.
PJ Party
Jam in your jammies at this bedtime bash that offers movies, munchies and more!
PS2 Challenge
Show-off your PlayStation2 skills in a wide array of video arenas that will show who's got game and who's just lame.
Pump It Up!
Get your blood pumping and your biceps bulging when you learn the proper techniques of weight training, circuit training and basic fitness.
Shooting Stars
Learn the art of filmmaking as you put together a cast and crew to achieve your cinematic vision, then walk the red carpet at your premier.
Wild Side Adventures
Experience an adventure like no other as you and your team endeavor to uncover the story of the first island teens, Molly and Seth. Get ready to snorkel, bike and kayak to solve one of Castaway Cay's best kept secrets: "The Wild Side!"

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