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Okay not quite sure what is really going on here. But to set the record straight.

1. There are hairdryers in the rooms.
2. House keeping is to pick up the towels if they are laid on the floor or in the tub. But if the towels are hung up then Housekeeping won't touch them.
3. Yes you can get pizza cheaper else where but by the time the place delivers and you give them a tip you are paying just about the same amount as what you would in the food court. Plus you will have a shorter wait if you order in the food court. And the pizza will be hot not cold like delivery.

As you can probably tell I have worked for Disney. Just trying to set the record straight for all of you that do use this site as a deciding factor in where to stay at Disney.

Have stayed at All Star Sports 3 times. Personally I think it's the best one of the 3 All Star resorts. People there are really friendly and are willing to guide you in the right direction. This is the only one I will stay at. In the All-Star Sports rooms, there is only a small refrigerator. There are no microwaves or hairdryers. There are no towels at the pool. You will have to use your room towels for both bathing and the pool (unless you take the dirty/wet towels to the front desk, or bring beach towels from home. There are a few rooms with King Size beds, but you must request one when making your reservation. When making your reservation, there are different prices of same types of rooms, just on location to front desk and pool are more in cost.
All-Star Sports is now offering Pizza Delivery to the rooms. I would not recommend it. Very expensive for what you get and no taste, or flavor to these. Call one of these instead Girondano's 407-239-8900 (traditional Chicago style pizza) Pizza Hut 407-239-0205 Dominos 407-239-1221 Papa John's 407-477-7777 I know these all deliver to the resorts.
They will meet you in the hotel lobby.

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While we were here, they were rehabing a wing. Lots of nice stuff being unloaded and brought in fro

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